Laura Sandage




  • To conspire is to breathe together. We connect in a safe circle.

  • Together we strengthen our intentions and create new experiences in word, song, and action.

  • We inspire each other along the way, and invite our wider community to be inspired by what has emerged from our trust and truth.


Con*spire with facilitator Laura Sandage is an accessible format of co-creation, a safe container for all that we imagine ourselves to be.

SACRED GROVE: Rooted & Connected is the next Con*Spire project!



SACRED EARTH: Elemental Community in Word, Song, & Action, on June 9, 2017, came together through Laura's con*spire process. 


Responses from participants: 

  • "In a world where, all too often our earth is denied its rightful magnificence and our people seek shadows for safety... we reconnect to our planet & our community... we remember our humanity & our hope." --Mimi Hampton

  • "In times of darkness it’s more important than ever to join together and sing, speak, dance our way back to light and a right relationship with the world."  --Lorraine Visher

  • "I have been honored to work with such passionate, artistic women to create this event.  I hope was as powerful and inspiring for the attendees as it has been for me."  --Betsy Taloff

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