Canary Song Hour online singing

Tuesday evenings at  7-8:30pm Pacific on Zoom.

With Laura Sandage and Doreen Conte, song leaders and community nurturers.

Supportive songs and topics chosen week to week in light of current events and needs.

Singer donations ($10-$15 suggested) support this work and other good causes.

Email me to receive Zoom links.

Mondays 9-10am on Zoom

Song, Prayer, As-Needed Ritual

An hour to start off your week in alignment! 

We open with prayer and song, invoking our trusted powers and asking for protection and clarity. We check in, stating ritual needs, which might be personal, local, ancestral, or global in nature. 

Ritual expression and support may involve any sacred art, such as song, dance, drum, prayer, paint, etc. 

We address as many needs as we have time for, and conclude with reflection and gratitude.

If you feel moved by my work and want a place to give back, here is one!

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"Comfort" from my Yolo Hospice collaboration CD, In Equal Measure: Songs for the Tender Witness.

WE ARE THE LIGHT! Free Range Singers Raised $1620

I AM ME by Paul Barton, MLK Day 2020

I AM ME by Paul Barton, MLK Day 2020

WE ARE THE LIGHT celebrated MLK Day 2020 in song! Joined by guest artist Ellen Rockne of Decorah, Iowa, we sang songs from the international community singing movement, and the audience sang along with vigor! Candles were lit, tears were shed, and funds were raised for the Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter.


Every [person] must decide whether [they] will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.